Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa's not Real, I'm the Devil!

I was participating in a post on Facebook and the question was about telling your children if Santa was real or not. When I was little, I believed in Santa. When I found out he wasn't real, I was heartbroken. I hated that I was lied to about it. So I made the decision to not lie to my kids.

My kids know all about the spirit of Christmas and the stories of Santa Claus. They know that there was once a man named St. Nick who gave gifts to children. They love all the Christmas movies, including the ones about Santa..they love all the Christmas songs.. They also know about some pagan traditions when it comes to Christmas and they know the beliefs of Christmas from the Christian point of view. We read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and the Story of the birth of Jesus. My children are well rounded when it comes to this.

Here are some things that were said to me in that post:

"I think santa and the tooth fairy and easter bunny and cupid are part of a childs life, I would personally be pissed if my child came home and said a child told him santa wasn't real because u want to deprive your child from having an imagination." 

My kids know that other children believe in Santa. They know NOT to tell other children that Santa isn't real if that's what they believe. They let others believe what they want. I find it hilarious that this person said I am depriving my kids of an imagination because I didn't lie to them about Santa. Really? Because believing in Santa Claus is the only way for children to have an imagination? No hon. LOL

"I feel sorry for ur kids that they dont get to experience, hopefully they wont be sad they dont get to share santa stories one day with there friends, I just know if my child came hone and didnt believe in santa anymore because of some kids parents I'd be making a rude phone call. But so if ur kids ask about your sex life one day does that mean ur gonna tell them about it cause u dont want to lie? I mean u cant possibly tell me u wont ever lie to ur kid in life"

Awww, isn't that sweet? She feels sorry for my kids LOL Really, no need to feel sorry for my kids. They have plenty of happy christmas stories, ones that include Santa, to share with their friends and their own children one day when they have them... 

As far as my sex life, yes, when my kids are old enough, if they ask, I will tell them. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be embarrassed about. They all have the same father, whom I've been with since High School. I don't sleep around and I was safe when I had sex. So I will share some of my stories if it helps them make good decisions. The already know about sex from me. Well, they know what is appropriate for their age anyway.  

So, if I'm a bad parent b/c I choose to tell my kids the truth, so be it.. That is MY decision.. You won't see me saying that someone is a bad parent b/c they choose to let their kids believe in Santa.. It really isn't that serious to me lol .. 


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