Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This Thanksgiving was just like every other Thanksgiving..I ate so much I thought my tummy would burst lol I was up early to start cooking, after drinking and going to bed late last night...nothing that a pot of coffee couldn't cure =)

This year I was especially thankful that Darrell was home again... 2yrs in a row!! I guess his position now does have some positives to it. The kids are healthy and growing like weeds.. my thyroid is under control..I've lost 20lbs.. yay =)

Anyways.. we had lots of food! We'll be eating leftovers for days LOL I was up at 7:30am baking the pumpkin bread and still thawing out the Turkey. I got it yesterday, last minute...bad Jamie lol... Darrell got this injectable marinade stuff for the Turkey and was really good! I cooked throughout the day and also watched the Macy's Day Parade, like I do every year. Alexis watched it with me this year and really enjoyed it.. she was excited to see Santa at the end. Me too..I always love seeing Santa. We finally sat down to dinner around 5pm, Darrell said grace and we all stuffed our faces!This was the third year in a row that I cooked the entire meal on my own..I'm doing pretty good with it!

Here are a few other things I took pics of...I didn't go crazy with pics like I did last year lol

This year we won't be going out on Black Friday.. we went last year and it was nuts lol Had fun, but it was crazy out.. instead, I get to meet with some friends for girl time and the hubs will be having some "kid time".. much, much needed for me!

Today was a good day.. Good food and loving family.. can't ask for much more =)

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