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Me, Me, Me... More about Me!

I did a "Get to know the Creator of the page" post on *AWDIWH* the other day and now I'll answer the questions...

Where were you stationed and when? How long have you been an army wife? What's your hubs' MOS?

The first place we went was Fort Riley, KS. Then we moved onto Fort Carson, CO, then to Fort Hood, TX and we're currently at Fort Stewart, GA.  

My husband joined the army in I've been living this lifestyle with him for 10 1/2yrs now. There have been times when I've questioned whether or not I could handle it, but I always come out stronger through each trial. 

I can never remember the technical term for my husband's MOS. His main "job" is being a tank mechanic. Right now though, he is an SGL out at WLC. (Small group leader, aka Instructor, at Warrior Leadership Course...he trains NCOs - Non-commissioned Officers.)

 Do you have kids?

Yes!! We have 3 kids together... 2 boys, DeeJay (13) and Richie (12), and 1 girl, Alexis (7)

L to R - Me/hubs, DeeJay, Richie, Alexis

 What gave you the idea to make this page?

I have previously done a post on the history of the page - History of *AWDIWH* 

 What is your inspiration?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean..inspiration in what? My inspiration in life... my family (Darrell and the kids).  My inspiration to be a great mother to my kids? My mom... not b/c she was the best, but b/c she wasn't. I love her, don't get me wrong, but she should have whooped my ass lol... any kind of discipline lol.. I want to be better than how she was..I don't want my kids to ever doubt my love for them.  My inspiration in helping others? Well, when I was a "new army wife", I had this group of women who saved my life and sanity! They took me under their angel wings and guided me and helped me when I needed it the most. I just want to keep that going.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

 My biggest pet peeve is liars. I'm not one to lie, so I don't like being lied to. 

About the situation the other day with the wife of the husband that was showing signs of abuse. My question is when you see posts like those, do you intervene at all when it's blatantly obvious that a family is in distress?

When someone writes in and "confesses" that her husband is abusive to her or their kids, I take action. I call/email/notify exactly who needs to be told in order to get that family help. MOST of the time, people's messages are safe with me, unless of course, something like this happens. But even then, I never give the names of those who message to people who it doesn't concern. The only people to ever know the names of someone who has sent me messages are a few chaplains, CPTs and LTs. I have only had to take action like this a handful of times.
How many times does a hummingbird flap its wings per minute?

Google says 12–80 times per second (depending on the species)... so that's a lot for one minute lol

Genie in a lamp.. 3 wishes.. GO.

Wish one - I wish my thyroid wasn't crazy lol I hate being hypothyroid.. I found out about 4yrs ago when my body was shutting down on's a pain in the ass. So, Genie, please fix my thyroid =)

Wish two - I wish that racism would completely disappear from the face of the earth. It's old, played out and hateful.. Genie, please throw all racist people into the sea to drown... Hold on, is that hateful? ;) 

Wish three - I wish my mother was still alive. The other day I had a complete breakdown.. my husband was holding me and trying to comfort me but all I could say was, "I want my mom." I miss her.

How do you put your pants on?

 I put my pants on with my left leg first =)

How did you meet your husband?

We met in High School.. here is our little story :
In July 1996 I had shaved my head. I was 16 and being my crazy self. In August that year, we moved to a predominantly "black" town. I point this out because when I found out where we moving, I told my boyfriend at that time and he had me scared. He told me that the kids in school were going to think I was a skinhead and racist. He was just messing with me, but I took him seriously. (My BF was a black guy)

So, during the month before school started I kept to myself and stayed inside reading books and would go out at night jogging around. I didn't know anyone on the first day of school. I was so nervous, the new kid, short-short hair, and I was the minority! LOL... I had no idea how this was going to go. At my previous school I was with the popular kids, here, I would be the dreaded "new kid".

When I stepped on the bus that first day of school was when I first saw Darrell. He was in the back of the bus, but I hadn't really noticed him until he called out to me. It wasn't anything like, "Hey baby, how you doin'?", or "Come sit with us.". No, not Darrell, the popular boy who was always cracking jokes and playing sports. I go to sit in my sit and I hear, "Yo dude!" (Remember I had shaved my head). So, of course I knew he was speaking to me and I turned around. The next thing that came out of his mouth turned me all shades of red. "Oh shit, he's got tits!!" Exact words, I will never forget!! LOL

I wanted to just get to my home room and start my day without ever seeing that boy again! Too bad my luck has never been the good kind. I walked into home room and in the back of the class was the boy from the bus. I wanted to turn and walk out but instead I took my seat in the front, away from others. I took out a notebook and decided to write a letter to one of my friends back home about my horrendous morning already and it was only 8am.

The boy from the bus comes up to me and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was writing a letter. He asked me was I writing to him and I told him no. We exchanged names and he told me to write him a letter. So, I did. I asked him about the school and about the town. We became inseparable. 

So there we have it! The few questions I got... but here are some other posts I did with questions for me:

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