Thursday, November 1, 2012

North Carolina mini Get-a-way!

The weekend before my birthday (weekend of October 20th) we went up to North Carolina to meet up with the in-laws. The guys wanted to watch the football game on Sunday, Nana wanted to see the kids and I simply wanted to get out of the house! LOL

The ride wasn't too bad, we met about half way. They came down from NJ and we went up from GA. There were a few things that stood out during the ride though..

One, Alexis puked a few the Caddy. LOL I shouldn't laugh, but it was great. All the nasty stuff from the kids always happens in my car! This time, it was in Daddy's car. We stopped and got her cleaned up of course. Once we got there, she was fine. I think it was the motion of his car and the food she ate. Thank goodness she didn't puke on the way back though.

Two, the DAMN BRIDGES! I have never been a fan of bridges over water. I have gotten use to the Delaware Memorial Bridge over the years because we HAVE to drive over it to go back to NJ to visit family. It's okay with me now because the bridge has 4 lanes and it's pretty wide. I have room and I don't have to be on the edge staring at the water! The bridges we went over on the way to the island we were going to had me in panic mode. They were narrow and the guard rail was basically non-existant! Darrell made me drive over them on the way home. I will admit I sped over them to get past them as quickly possible. I did good. We across in one piece, lol.

Overall, the trip was great. The kids had a blast with Nana and Poppop, Darrell got in some quality time with his Dad. We went out to eat, the kids got to go swimming (except Richie, he don't do water), and I just relaxed.

Here's some pics from our trip:

Lost a bet w/ Nana and had to taste really Hot hot sauce.

DeeJay and Alexis in the Pool.

Alexis and Darrell playing on the bed.


DeeJay, Alexis & Richie with the Vampire Teeth from Nana.

Just some scenery.

One of the horrid bridges!

The kids with Nana! October 20, 2012

Richie and Darrell catching popcorn.

Alexis in the Pool.

Having fun with Daddy!

This is where we went - The Town of Manteo
I would love to go back again when we have more time to explore and do things in the area. It was connected to several other islands and it was beautiful!

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