Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"A Tale of Two Brains" - Our 1st and 2nd Session

At the marriage retreat, we watched a video by Mark Gungor - "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage". He made excellent points while using humor.

Our first and second sessions were on how men and women think differently. He says, "Men's brains are specialized. Compartmentalized." He says that men have "boxes" and the "boxes" never touch..meaning he focus's on one thing at time. He also goes on to say that men have a special "box" in their head that most women don't know about... the "Nothing Box". He says, "When a man is not driven by a specific task, something he can fight for or dominate, he will drift. A man will drift to the comfort and solitude of his "nothing box" every chance he gets.

Now, he says that women's brains are like a "big ball of wire" where everything connects and everything is driven by emotion. Everything connecting is a reason why women are such good multi-taskers! With women, everything we think about leads or connects to something else, which isn't the case with men.

Here is a video clip of Mark - (if the video ever doesn't work, look up "mark gungor tale of two brains, on youtube)

If you're interested in his book (which I'm reading now and love so far)-

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage: Unlocking the Secrets to Life, Love, and Marriage

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