Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Communication with Men and Women - Mark Gungor

During our second session at the Marriage Retreat, we also heard a humorous take on how men and women communicate differently.

Here is a video clip of Mark Gungor explaining what certain words mean to men and then what they mean to women (followed by a "cap" of what he says for those who don't wish to watch the video):

Here are the words:

5 Minutes
Men- 5 mins
Women - as long as it takes to finish what they are doing (an indefinite period of time)

Men - nothing
Women - “If a woman says nothing, look out its something”  

 Men - everything is good with life
Women - You're an idiot

Go Ahead
Men - words of being polite
Women - she wants you to explain the stupid thing you just said

Mark Gungor warns you should be very careful here, as your explanation can land you in serious trouble.

“You should be very careful in the explanation because it’s likely to be followed by a sigh, which would lead to an argument over nothing, and then you ain’t going to have sex again for 5 minutes.”

Hope you enjoyed that =) Feel free to check out my previous post about part of the marriage retreat ---> A Tale of Two Brains


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