Friday, December 21, 2012

Wifed Up.. Better Life with a Wife

While browsing Twitter a few months ago with the hashtag "wife", I came across a Twitter user who promotes wives and marriage. Her tweets were encouraging and uplifting to me, especially during difficult moments I had.

From WifedUp.Com -

"Wifed Up is a pro marriage women’s knitwear brand founded in 2010.  With a mix of soft fabrics, unique designs, poetry and lots of love, Wifed Up offers a fashionable voice for well deserving wives.

 Dana Body is the Founder & Owner of Wifed Up and has been married 10 blessed years. Utilizing her Business Management degree from Alabama A&M University, she developed a successful career in Human Resources.  As a Benefits Manager she worked for a corporation in the restaurant industry and handled health benefits for 23 locations spanning over 5 different states.

 Some time in 2009 she started noticing a blatant lack of respect for the sanctity of marriage.  There was a huge media frenzy around countless women that had affairs with married celebrity men. Long gone were the days when the woman on “the side” stayed in the dark.  Oh no, these women with their book deals, tv appearances, and magazine features saturated pop culture with absolutely NO SHAME!.  As you looked around there were limited positive images regarding marriage. 

Having loving parents that have been married 40 plus years and grandparents that remained married “til death do us part,” Dana saw firsthand the benefits of a healthy marriage.  Believing that marriage is the key to rebuilding her community, Dana honed in on her entrepreneurial skills and Wifed Up was born.  These skills were taught by her father Frederick Knight who is a successful songwriter and producer.

  Wifed Up strives to help showcase the beauty and importance of marriage while celebrating the backbone of the family unit which is the wife.  We want to show the side that gets no media hype so guys can realize that marriage is not a death sentence.  Your wife can remain beautiful over the years, still be your best friend, and together you two can raise your children with the love, support and guidance needed in this day and time.  So get Wifed Up........better life with a wife."

Personally, I think Dana's creations are wonderful! They promote wives and can easily be dressed up or down. Dana sent me a shirt a few weeks ago and I wore it one day during our marriage retreat.  We went to Downtown Disney and a lady in the pretzel place commented positively on my shirt, she loved it! I also took a pic with The Hulk =) He told me he like it too ;)

You can visit WifedUp.Com to view all her shirts.
If you have Twitter you can follow her at @iamwifedup
You can also find her on Facebook -

Here is me with my shirt -


  1. Jamie you show what sisterhood is all about. Thank you for your continued support. I wish we lived in the same state cause I'm sure we would hang out on the regular!!

    1. I'm sure we would hang out!! LOL Look out world!! Thanks so much for the shirt! I'm sure I'll be ordering more after the New Year =) Have a blessed holiday!

  2. How aesome is that! I agree the institution of marriage and others respect for it has drastically deteriorated, which is so sad! I will definitely check out the website, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting =)