Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Friend's Blog - "My Life: Then and Now"

I have this amazing friend who started writing a blog after the suggestion of a friend... she was having a hard time and was told that it would help her to get her feelings and thoughts out, even if it was to no one at all... holding things in, all bottled up, only creates more stress..

From my friend:

"A friend told me to start blogging about my life and how I overcame abuse, rape, and drug addiction while also being a soldier."

I'm sharing her blog for others who have been through things she has been through..maybe her stories can help someone else.. encourage someone else..inspire someone else..

You can find her on Facebook - My Life: Then and Now
And on Wordpress - http://lifeofaformerdrugaddictedsoldier.wordpress.com/

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