Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How To Get a Man to do What you Want - Mark Gungor

This session was good too! Mark Gungor talks about how to get men to do what we want and of course adds some humor to it. 

Do you ever have to ask your husband to do something more than once? I know I do, although I don't ask him to do much. And, do you hate having to ask more than once? Again, I do.. and why do I hate it? I'll say what most of you are probably thinking after reading that question ----- Because I shouldn't have to ask more than once!!!  Right?

Apparently, I'm wrong lol. In his book, Mark says, "Asking a man to do something once is like never having asked him to do it at all. This is because a man is not looking for things to do to make his relationship better. As the hunter, the competitor, the provider, he is in a constant state of take. To him, life is about taking and winning. He is not likely to remember your request unless it is somehow attached to something he might get for doing what you ask."

He also says, "Ask a woman to do something once and she responds. Fulfilling a request for someone she loves is an easy thing for her, and if she can't get to it right away, she simply puts it into her internal queue of to-dos and gets it done as soon as she finishes the dozen other tasks she is currently working on."

Sounds about right, doesn't it?

So, in order to get a man to do what you want him to do, Gungor says there are 4 things you should do:

1. Ask more than once!
2. Ask the right way - this means w/o insulting - "Are you too stupid to take out the trash?" "How hard is it to wash a dish?"
3. Train him w/ positive reinforcement - We all know how that works, especially if you have children. Very similar lol - Show him you appreciate the little things he does.
4. Barter w/ Him - "If you do this for me, you can go out with the guys on Saturday with no complaints from me." - ((My husband likes to seal things with a pinkie promise and a kiss lol))

Here is a video clip on this part:

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