Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 2010 Army Wives Do it With Hooah Gift Exchange

I'm going to try to answer some questions to make sure things are clear. =)

First, since I'm the organizer, I know who everyone got. If it turns out you can't get your person something, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! That way I can make sure this person gets something. I don't want anyone who signed up to not get something. You will have to give me their address so I can make it happen.


Who can see my address? Only the person who has drawn your name can see your mailing address. I have made it so that your mailing address is private.

How do I know what to get the person I was drawn? I encourage everyone to make a "wish list"!! If your person doesn't have a "wish list", you can ask them questions anonymously. Things like, favorite color, books, scents, coffee/teas... you get the point.

When is the exchange over?
Everyone should receive their gifts no later than 8/17/2010. Since this is the first one we are doing I decided to give it about a month. I know summer time is used for vacations and then kids have school so you have obligations there too. I wanted to make sure there was enough time to get something together.

How much money should I spend? The limit is $25.00. That doesn't include your shipping costs.

**We did this last year with our group on myspace. Not as many women participated because the group was much smaller. I got some delicious coffee, bath and body stuff, candy. It was yummy. Loved it!!


  1. Wow, I was pretty sure that the myspace group you got it from was your own group??

    Why are these people all over your blog???

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  3. who the fuck are these marine chicks? lmao... get myself deleted from what pages? wow...omg... these bitches forgot to take their meds...

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