Friday, July 9, 2010

No, it doesn't get easier...

You know, I really thought deployments would get easier, but fact is, they don't. Not for me anyway. I mean, yeah, it is easier to cope with because I have gone through this several times, but it is HARD....

I think that after the first deployment, for us wives (if we hang tough and don't let it break us), we realize just how important and precious the time we have with our man is. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying others don't know this, but I think after going through certain things, you come to truly appreciate the precious time you have together.

We're certainly not getting any younger, lol, and these deployments are taking away from our time dammit!! Yes, when he joined the Army, especially because he joined after 9/11, we knew he would go to war. However, I didn't imagine we'd be doing 4 deployments! (I'm sure will tack on a few more by the end of his career.)

I give the utmost love, appreciation, and respect to those veteran Army Wives, who have been through it all, from day one of sending off their man to BCT all the way to retirement. We're only half-way there and I feel like I'm going to go bonkers sometimes, lol.

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