Monday, July 19, 2010

Fraternization and the military...

AR 600-20

Army policy defines fraternization as a relationship between soldiers of different rank if the relationship appears to compromise authority, discipline and morale.

What's New:

The following relationships are prohibited:

Personal Relationships:
Officer-enlisted personal relationships include dating, shared living accommodations and intimate and sexual relationships

Gambling between officers and enlisted personnel. No exceptions

Recruiters and recruits and any relationship between permanent party soldiers and initial-entry trainees

Officer-Enlisted Business Relationships:
Lending money and long-term business partnerships

The Army continues to prohibit all unprofessional relationships which:

Compromise chain of command

Cause partiality or unfairness

Involve the improper use of rank for personal gain

Are exploitative or coercive in nature

Create an adverse impact on discipline, authority, morale or mission accomplishment

Relationships that appear to violate any of the above standards may also be prohibited


  1. I mean what was your point to this? So the rules are changing.. Its a job just like any other.. The same rules apply in any other job everywhere.

  2. Oh... I posted this b/c I was doing it for someone specific.