Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coming together, it's what we do...

Today was a horrible day. Something very tragic happened and while my heart was torn in two for those involved, the situation reminded me of something very important.

We, as army wives, and just women in general, don't always get along, or even know the people around us personally, however, in times of crisis we step up and give undying help and support to those in our community.

People, civilian and military, soldier or family member, can spout all the trash they want about stereotypes where army wives are concerned. Today, I saw some of those stereotypes SQUASHED!! The women on my block came together strong and in full force to help another in need. They make me proud and glad that I live in this area. I know that if that something were to ever happen here, I have women willing to drop everything at a second's notice and come running.

This is why I would rather live on post than off too. It's a tight nit community when it comes down to the most important things. Too many "civilian" communities have the "mind your own business" attitude and when a tragedy strikes a family, that's not where I want to be.

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