Thursday, July 8, 2010

Apparently I'm in competition with other sites and marine wives? LOL

Really people? Come on... I am not in competition with any other site, blog, fan page, group.... I do what I do because it helps me pass time and I like to help others with information and to pass time as well.

What is with the Marine wives who were posting shameful comments thinking they are better? Seriously? I don't play the whole, "ohhhhh the army is better" so I don't know why anyone is trying to do it with me. I don't even know these idiots. Although I have an idea who is behind it.

So now, only those who follow my blog can comment and if it gets that bad, I will disable comments.


  1. nobody says any branch is better. just warning your new wives not to send you any gifts since you are known to just take them and run without a thank you or anything and ooohh she also doesn't send her exchange wife anything in return!!!

  2. what the fuck are you talking about? i have done an exchange one time and i sent out a gift and got one in return...i think you have me confused with someone else


  3. Also is there a reason why you keep trying to join my page? My admins know ALL the profiles names you use, so stop being an ass and stay away! Thanks!

    I know who you are and you may have people fooled online, but IRL, we know who you are and how you act, so be yourself. LOL