Saturday, February 19, 2011

Job Search ~ Part 2: Opportunities

Finding a job will be a lot easier if you know where to look. Your options are not as limited as you may think they are. Consider the following options:

Federal Employment - Appropriated Funds ~ USAJOBS -find something in your area

Federal Employment - Non-appropriated Funds ~ these are government jobs, but these are paid for by locally generated MWR activities... Army Civil Service

Defense Contracting ~ examples: Bank and credit union employees, transition center employees, education center employees, computer techs at the telecommunications center, network planners and their support staff, payroll specialists, & aircraft and weapons technicians

Military Exchange System ~ Check out AAFES Careers

Self-Employment ~ If this is something you consider make sure you choose a business that can travel with you. Also make sure you no the rules and regulations on your post if you live in housing where it concerns home businesses.

Private Industry ~ Make it a point to visit the Department of Labor, Chamber of Commerce, and employment agencies in your area to find out about the opportunities there.

Opportunities Abroad ~ Going Global - International Careers

Volunteering ~ This can be a very beneficial choice if you absolutely can't find any work. Volunteering will help you keep your job skills current or help you learn new job skills. Volunteering can be put on your resume. It may also open the door to a new employment opportunity. Find out about volunteering by going to your ACS office.

**thank you Jenn for your input!! - Jenn P. - One very good thing that you forgot to add is temp services! Register for temp services. Some of their positions are temp to perm but even if they just lasts a few weeks, it allows you to network while bringing in some money. Also lets you start getting local references. You can be placed in a wide array of companies and that can help you figure out WHERE you want to work. Some temp services are worldwide (like Kelly Services) which is great for military spouses.

Don't forget to read Job Search ~ Part 1: Your skills

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