Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WildWood, NJ - fun times...

When I was a little girl the highlight of my summer was always going to WildWood, NJ. We would get wrist bands and ride the rides and do the water park until our legs felt like they were gonna fall off! When you go to WildWood, there are some things you just HAVE to do:

1. The Ferris Wheel - it's huge!! At the top of it when you're sitting there just swaying in the breeze (and you will sway lol) you can see far out over the Atlantic Ocean and everyone looks like ants on the ground. It is so peaceful and beautiful..

2. Walk the Boardwalk - if your legs don't feel like they're gonna fall off from going from pier to pier for the rides, they will after you walk the boardwalk! There are so many shops to shop in, tattoo/piercing shops, old time photo shops, games and food that you won't even realize how far you have walked...

3. The Tram Car - for those who fall out from walking, they have the Tram Car...for $2.50 you can ride it from one end of the boardwalk to the other. Those who are walking will constantly hear "watch the tram car please" - in the same electronic recorded voice they have used since I was 2ft

4. Curly Fries - the boardwalk has the BEST curly fries ever!! If you've had them, you know I speak the truth...if not, you are missing out!

5. Salt Water Taffy - this chewy, sweet goodness was a favorite of mine as a child and many others... nothing like it in the world ...nom nom nom

Picture time!!

For those who have been to WildWood, they know that once you hit a certain area, there is this smell from the water that hits you like "omg I'm gonna puke" is the spot & Darrell's face when we hit the spot hahaaa -

One of our fave rides is the TeaCups - I had our cup spinning so fast that Alexis's eyes were rolling in her head LOL -

The Boardwalk, games and Tram Car -

A classic, the Carousel -

Seaguls are everywhere -

Some rides on one of the piers at night & most importantly, the Ferris Wheel-

So, if you ever get to go to South Jersey, go to WildWood!! There are tons of Hotels on the strip and you will have a blast!!! The beach and ocean are right there, rides, food, entertainment and most importantly - fun times to be had by all =)


  1. They just opened the ferris wheel up about 3 weeks ago after an 11 year old girl fell to her death on a school trip. You will NEVER catch me on a ferris wheel, even more so now that we were there the very next day. SMH LOL But yea.............Curly's cheese fries are the SHIT!!!

  2. WHAT?!!! omg... My MIL just said "yeah but I didn't want to tell you why we were standing in front of it" smh lol

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  4. I look at it every night, it's beautiful.