Monday, September 19, 2011

Is the Problem Parenting? or lack of...

I was reading over the speech Bill Cosby made that made headlines... "how dare he?!" The shock, oh! the horror! I'm hoping more people saw point he was making than those who were offended by it.

I basically got from it that everything that is wrong with our youth today is because of parenting...or lack of. I agree 100%. Let me quote some of the things he said.. (while he was addressing black people, I think most of the things he said can be said about all people)

"No longer is a person embarrassed because they're pregnant without a husband. No longer is a boy considered an embarrassment if he tries to run away from being the father of the unmarried child"

We have shows now that follow teenage mothers! These little girls are making money because they spread their legs. I wonder how many teens go around thinking "I should have a baby and try to get on Teen Mom". Does anyone remember the movie on Lifetime based on real facts? Something like "The Pregnancy Pact"... why do these little girls think it is cute to get pregnant young? And how about the boys who get these girls pregnant? They it is cute to walk away with the excuse "well it ain't mine, she's a hoe".. and the parents of the boy blame the girl saying she is trying to pin a baby on him and ruin his, maybe you ruined his life by teaching him this was the proper way to act.

"In the old days, you couldn't hooky school because every drawn shade was an eye. And before your mother got off the bus and to the house, she knew exactly where you had gone, who had gone into the house, and where you got on whatever you had one and where you got it from. Parents don't know that today."

Now-a-days too many people have that "I mind my business" attitude. Back in the day, people didn't mind their business and kids were a hell of a lot better than they are today. When I was younger, I knew I couldn't have boys in my house when my mom was gone because I knew the neighbor lady peeking out of her window would rat me out. I knew I couldn't walk around the neighbor holding hands and kissing on boys at 13 years old because it would get back to my mom. Today, people could see neighborhood kids smoking, drinking, displaying inappropriate public displays of affection and they just look the other way... "oh that's not problem". Well, for all you kids out there, I'm not one of the "look the other way" adults. If I see you doing something seriously wrong like that you can bet your ass I'm talking to your parents if I know where you live. I would want someone to tell me if it were my child. I still believe that it "takes a village to raise a child". We should be looking out for ALL the youth, not just our own.

"I'm talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was two? Where were you when he was twelve? Where were you when he was eighteen, and how come you don't know he had a pistol? And where is his father, and why don't you know where he is? And why doesn't the father show up to talk to this boy?"

I think this quote is pretty self-explainitory - Don't cry about your child doing wrong if you've never been there to begin with.

Here is the rest of his speech - Bill Cosby Speech Transcript

What are your thoughts? Do you think he was too harsh?


  1. I had a lady tell me this a couple weeks ago about spanking in public. She swatted her son's butt and a lady walked up to her and told her she would call the cops for her abusing her child. She told the lady, well if you call the cops on me now, you better not call the cops on my child when he breaks into your house because I was not allowed to discipline him.

  2. I agree. He comes from a time when parents were parents. My parents were older than others, and had the same mindset, and so do I. Either we are not there like we should, or we are hovering and raising pansy ass kids that can't cope when they become an adult.

  3. Exactly Kristina! and I agree Tasha lol

  4. I agree with you and with Tasha and Kristina!!!:) Kids today have a lack of parenting.. I see kids disrespect their parents all the time and the parent does nothing!!! If I did that when I was younger I would have got a pop to the mouth!!! My parents are more old school so they believed in spanking and the "spare the rod spoil the child" mindset.. You can't let your kids do whatever they want you are called a parent for a reason!!!:) lol.. Great Post!!:)

  5. Kristina, I know how you feel. I specifically don't spank my children in public because I don't want to get in trouble but I had an incident where my youngest who was 3 at the time was throwing one heck of a fit and she needed a spanking but I was going to wait til we got to the car. I was at the pharmacy and couldn't go anywhere right away so I was just holding her while she kicked and screamed and some woman had the audacity to say to me that she couldn't believe the way I was treating my daughter. She said I was treating her like an animal and I should let her go and stop being so mean to her!! So you're damned if you do and damned if you don't!! I can only imagine what her reaction would have been if I had spanked her instead of just holding her!!

  6. Oh I have seen some kids around here act like damn heathens! and the mother of one, who happens to be a solider, says "they are kids on a military installation, it's what they do"...really?

  7. Jodi, I get with my kids in public lol... I don't care what anyone thinks... if you hear someone saying to their kid "knock it off before i punch you in the face" - that's me lol

  8. Well, I don't know about your boys but Alexis is a sweetheart and is always wellbehaved at my house. In fact, the Alexis across the street is a bad influence and her and Kaitlyn had been getting in trouble a couple times over the summer and Luckie sat Kaitlyn down and told her to think of your Alexis as God and the Alexis across the street as the devil and if god is telling you to do one thing and the devil is telling you to do another always listen to god!!! Lmao!! But seriously, whatever you're doing it obviously works because Alexis really is a good girl. My girls are whiny, spoiled brats!! lol

  9. lmao!!! that is great! I just put my foot down and stay consistent lol... your girls are good when they play here so i don't see the whiny spoiledness in them lol

  10. @SoldiersAngel...I do the same thing. I always say stop before I kick you in the throat.I had a lady tell me one day I shouldn't talk to them like that, so I kindly turned around and told her to mind her fucking business before she be the first person I ever kick in the throat.

    My children are well behaved and I discipline my children but I do not abuse my children. Most importantly I started when my children was younger instead of trying to start when they were already set in their ways. There is a difference. What I want to know is, why I can't shop in a store in piece when I go to the store? Why are my four kids well behaved and some other person's kid is going through the store screaming their head off. I have the right to shop and whatever else in peace.

    1. I always talk "violent"... I think it's a Jersey thing lol...and I can't stand going in stores where kids are running around like animals. Drives me nuts.

  11. The problem isn't always the parents. I disciplined my kids and was turned in for smacking one when he was disrespectful. The problem is our government they have too much control. They make laws saying its illegal to spank and we allow them?? Some parents are afraid to discipline for fear of being turned in. The schools preach it to our kids that parents 'can't do anything' because it's abuse, parents are chastised on the news for disciplining. People who don't have children are ALWAYS telling us how to parent. Yes, there are parents who do abuse their kids I just haven't known any, and social services should look into situations of marks on children. We as parents need to stand up for our rights tell the government to do their jobs and let us do ours!!