Friday, July 15, 2011

It's "Jersey" - not "Joisey"

Some people liked to tease me about New Jersey b/c I absolutely loathe that stupid show "Jersey Shore" - if you like it, more power to ya lol... I just can't stomach it. My friend Amanda likes to "it's ttttttttt-shiiiiiiirt time" me (yes I know you do it in fun Amanda and no I'm not mad LOL, I'm just giving an example).

Now, before that show came out and we lived in TX, my neighbor said "Oh, you're from Joisey"... I politely said, "No, I'm from New Jersey, I pronounce my R's." (No offense to any hard core New Yorkers lol)

You see when I say I'm from New Jersey, people automatically think the northern part near New York, or they think all of New Jersey is like that. It's simply not the case. Not everyone from New Jersey looks like an over-tanned oompa loompa like the "characters" on Jersey Shore. As a matter of fact, I NEVER met anyone like that in the 20 something years I lived in Jersey.

The Jersey I know was "country"... farm land and cows...pastures with horses and geese running around...fields of corn behind old barns with the rope swing at the door where the loft is.

When we got to Jersey the other night my son looked at me like I was crazy because I said "OMG look at the cows!!! I have never been so happy to see cows!" haahaaaa... I was having a moment, yes, I love the cows... even though one day when I was younger they chased me and my friend down the road. They were behind their fence but they chased us anyway and we ran our asses off... maybe that is where my ass went, I'd like it back

So,anywho... today when I was driving I took 2 pics of the "scenery". Yes, I know, bad Jamie!! Taking pics while driving... sue me lol - but I just had to share the beautiful green grass (that I rarely see in GA and certainly not in my back yard) and I tried to get one of a barn =)

Jersey to me is crabs in the summer, the shore (like WildWood), warm summer days and cool breezy evenings (not the suffocating heat in GA all summer long with no cool break in sight), fruit and veggie stands everywhere on the side of the road that have the juiciest watermelons and peaches (yes, better than GA peaches) that you've ever had, beautiful old farm houses with gazebos in the front yard near small ponds that have ducks and geese, yards littered with sheep and goats.... that is the Jersey I know and love =)


  1. Shit.....sign me up for this Jersey,cuz.........I have yet to find that Jersey lol :)

  2. Well you need to come out into the country!! By the way, I was right near "tanyard" today when I was going to meet up with my brother... Passed the street. LOL

  3. i like it when you come home,we all miss you,love always aunt sharon