Saturday, July 30, 2011

Threats & Racial Slurs - NO toleration!

**this post is for my army wives page and I'm putting it here for easy reference**

I know that I can't tell people what to say or do and really don't try to either. On my page I will tolerate some things and give warnings. Like if someone is being exceptionally rude I will ask them to chill out a bit. I know we all have bad days and some times we all get a little bitchy. Some times a few of our discussions and debates get a little heated and people might call names and act like kids...once again, I will issue a warning.

There are a few things I won't issue warnings for and will simply ban you without notice. Two very important things to me.
1. threats of violence
2. racial slurs

1. If someone physically threatens you on my page, send me a message and tell me where it is so I can handle it. I will ban them on the spot. I ask you to send me a message b/c I don't read every single post and comment on the page, I would be there all day. If they send you a personal message in your inbox, my advice is to block them and not engage with them. You can send me a message and tell me who it is so that I may watch them on my page. I can't control what people write to you privately but I can control it being on my page.

2. I really can't believe I have to even address racial slurs!! But sadly, I do.. Again, I can't control what people send to you in a personal message. So the best you can do is block the idiot and let me know who to watch out for. However, people who make racial slurs on my page when directed at someone specific to put them down and hurt them, will be removed. I will ban them and not think twice about it. No warning at all. This is not acceptable, we are all humans and bleed the same. ((same goes for gay bashing, but I haven't seen this yet on the page))

If I have to ban for the reasons I stated above, I will also do a few other things. If I see racial slurs, before I ban you, I will take a screenshot and copy your profile url and report you to FB and send them the info. My kids are half black and I don't appreciate the ignorance. If I see a personal threat to someone on my page, I will screenshot it, get your info, ban you and send what I need to the nearest police station. Threats will not be tolerated.

That's all =)


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