Thursday, July 7, 2011

We all need friends!

From Army Wife 101 on facebook-

"Question of the Day: How long did it take you to make friends at your current duty station?"

It didn't take me long at all once I moved on post. I had already know my friend Sharon off a group on myspace that we were in together. One day we started talking when I told her I would help her with her son until she found a permanent baby sitter. We became pretty close. She works a lot and her hubs is home now so I don't see her as much, but I love her to death still =)

I also met my bestie, Staci, through the internet, kinda. Our mutual friend Aimee (who I knew from the same group as Sharon) asked me if I would help her when she came to Stewart because it was their first duty station. Would I help? Of course!! I was there the day the movers were and I never left! LOL...

Mistie was also in the same group on myspace, so I knew her a little but finally met her in person here... sweet gal who will do anything for you if she can, but don't cross her!! Just know, I will always stay on Mistie's good side lol =)

I met Fran through facebook when I was doing a jewelry party and she wanted to come but couldn't. So she ordered anyway and we started talking. She is so good to me and I love that gal!!

Jennifer was found on facebook too lol... don't know if it was mutual friends or my army wives page, but she was stalking me...taking pictures with my car and being silly, before I actually met her! we're cool, she is my homie and I supply her crack ((Scentsy)) hahaaa...

Then there is Dee, who is Staci's neighbor and another Jennifer (who left) that was Staci's neighbor...

I could go on, but I won't... I'm an outgoing person and I need friends, I hate being alone. I make sure I meet people so I'm never alone long! lol

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