Friday, July 29, 2011

My husband, the jokester!

This morning I went to WalMart to pick up some school supplies for the kids...which isn't cheap by the way lol... and I come out to my car to find something I thought was a bit creepy. First I notice on my seat is a business card that had some writing on it but I couldn't make out what it said b/c the pen looked like it was out of ink.. I go to put the stuff in the trunk and my daughter brings me a piece of paper that she said was "under the rain keep away things" - haha gotta love her...

Anyway, I was all excited b/c I thought someone saw my Scentsy stickers on my window and was leaving a note for me to contact them. Nope, my excitement flew out the window when I saw it wasn't what I hoped. It was actually "someone" telling me they thought I was sexy and left their number! So now I was totally creeped out b/c I thought about the business card IN my car and now this note!

I get in the car and call my husband to tell him about it and he starts laughing at me and asks me was the guys name "Sean" and was it written in brown marker? Yeah!! Then it dawned on me that HE did it!! He called me while I was in WalMart so he knew where I was... he stalked me down just to mess with me! I hope he knows this is


  1. That is hilarious and scary all in one...I cannot wait to hear your revenge! LOL

  2. Yeah Scary! That would have me freaked out a bit. Good thing it was just your husband pulling a prank.

  3. yeah, good for me, bad for him... now it's my turn! lol