Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Life is Soooo Perfect!!

Yeah, not really - lol. I was told that I "act" like my life is "perfect". Really? I think I missed that memo! You see, my life isn't perfect, far from it, and I know that. The difference between me and some others is that I don't blast all my problems for the world to see, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Formspring, or just random people I meet.

Do I have problems in my personal life? YES! Everyone does at some point or another. That's a give in.
However, I choose not to be negative and bitter in everything I do. I post positive things because it helps me to keep a positive outlook, no matter what is going on.

Constantly being negative and shouting out all my problems will accomplish NOTHING. It will only make me look like a bitter bitch who needs to get off her ass and do something about it instead of sitting on her ass complaining. That negativity and bitterness will spread to every aspect of my life if I were to let it consume me and I REFUSE to do that. My kids don't deserve that and neither do I. It takes too much energy to walk around being hateful and bitter every day.

 So, if you're one of those people who shout your problems from the roof tops, more power to you, go for it, but don't hate on me because I choose to handle things differently. A positive outlook will go way further then a negative one.

"A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative."


  1. THANK YOU!!!! I have been asked "How come you never have any problems?" Really....never...why would you think I never have problems. A) be positive B) Some problems really are personal and other opinions can matters worse. C) If I can fix it then I need to do it but if I can't I need to let it go since there is nothing I can do anyway!