Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Proud Wife Moment!

Today I went to the WLC graduation to support my husband, just like the other spouses there. They were supporting their graduate - I was supporting my love,
who was being honored for Instructor of the Cycle. It's nice to see him recognized for all the hard work he does. He got a plaque, a watch, some gift cards and a voucher to a furniture store.

Congrats Babe!! I love you!!

There's my Proud Wife Moment =) Feel free to share one of your Proud Wife Moments in the comments! (Or proud husband moment if you're one of the ManSpouses)


  1. My husband just got back from this! He was already an E5 for a three years but he needed it so he can put his packet in for E6. Tell your husband congratulations!!

  2. :) Awesome Congrats to your husband and you! :) I love those moments of recognition for all the hard work he's done!
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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting =) Now I'm off to check out your blog =)