Friday, July 27, 2012

My new "Rank" Patches for my Purse - Thank You HollyBelle Bags!

Here is my first blog post about my "brag bag" and where I got it - ACU Bags & Wallets by HollyBelle Bags - in that post you will see more of what I got from Holly.

I contacted her a few months ago about getting a purple heart patch and star patch to match my bag. I wanted the star to go along with my "Rockstar" name tape and the heart just b/c I'm lovey =)
She had my patches in a timely manner, like she has everything done, but it was my fault I didn't get them for months lol She was so patient with me - Thanks Holly!

You can find Holly on FB -

*I am not promoting her b/c I get discounts or free things - I'm promoting her b/c the bags and other items she makes are beautiful, good quality & I love her "nature". She is kind & polite and always prompt. I just wanted to point this out so people didn't think I was only promoting her b/c I got something in return. All I get in return is helping someone else =)

The patches were $5 each and I love them! Here they are on my bag:

Thanks so much Holly!!!

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