Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scentsy, Pure Romance, 31 - OH MY!

My blog post yesterday about the patches on my bag twisted more than a few panties/briefs. BTW, shout out to "Overly Sensitive Military Wives" for boosting my blog views yesterday to over 2,000 on ONE post alone. Appreciate that =)

Anyway... in comments regarding that blog post, I saw a lot of people saying things that were "making fun" of wives who sell Scentsy. I have seen it before about Pure Romance, 31, Passion Parties & other Direct Sales companies.
The people complaining about those who sell this stuff are the same exact people who bitch and moan about wives "sitting on their ass all day doing nothing", "spending all their husbands money", "being lazy fat cows who don't want to work or bring in money".

Newsflash!! I know several people who sell a variety of these things and actually make GOOD money doing it. They ARE bringing money into their household. Are there so many haters because they wish they could work smarter and not harder? Does it bother them b/c these women work the hussle and don't have to put in a full day of work outside of the home?

I'm confused. They bitch about wives not working and then turn around and bitch about the type of work they do. I'm even more confused as to why anyone, outside of the person's spouse, even cares what kind of work you do! Does it affect their life? Their finances? Nope.

Some people are just miserable and want something to bitch, pick and nag about. Hopefully they will find something better to do with their time. I can't imagine being so damned negative all the time. It must be exhausting.

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