Wednesday, October 10, 2012

*Help Find Sgt. Robert Larson*

SGT Larson is driving a Black 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, destination unknown. His Jeep has Smittybilt XRC front and rear fenders, and Smittybilt stickers placed on the windshield, and on the rear windows. The Jeep has South Carolina Purple Heart license plates. If you see this Jeep or SGT Larson, please contact the Calhoun County Police Department at 803-874-2741 or the Fort Jackson Military Police at 803-751-3113.

His last known whereabouts were in West Columbia, SC.

 SGT Larson is 6'1 and approximately 190 lbs. He has been struggling with overcoming an MTBI from injuries that he sustained in Iraq in 2005. It is most likely that he went off his medication, he has a habit of driving as a means to calm down whenever he has an episode from his injury. SGT Larson is not armed, or dangerous. He is full of life and always smiling.

He is most likely to be found in
his Jeep somewhere... the question is where.
He is most likely wearing the black hat seen in just about all the pictures posted of him, it was his favorite. No tattoos or piercings. Hair is always slightly curly, although he had just gotten it cut back down to just longer than a high and tight, so it may not appear curly.
To get up-to-date info on Sgt Larson "like" the FB page made to help find him:

My deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers go out to Pam and her family during this time. I hadn't put it together that Sgt Larson was the husband of the woman who owns and operates "Teddy's From The Troops". My hope with this blog post is that it spreads the word even more to help this family. Even if only by a little....every bit helps.

" He has been found, hallelujah! Rob was found in the woods within a 100 mile radius of North Branch, MN and is headed to Fort Jackson as we speak. He is in the presence of his father and cousin.
I will put up more details as I am able. Buzzing with anticipation, happiness, fear, worry, anger, every emotion under the sun. So happy he is home. Now time to build the road to recovery."
((from his FB page))

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