Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 8th - October 12th (2012)

Well, here's week two of my 4 Weeks of Fun - not a good week at all. I only exercised 2 days of the 5 and that's my fault because I let personal shit get in my way. All I wanted to do at the end of the week was mope around and not do a that's what I did... except for the housework, can't let that go lol

Monday (10/8)
I walked 4.57 miles outside (1hr 20mins) (434cals)

Tuesday (10/9)
I walked 2.14 miles outside (41mins) (219cals)
Bob Harpers Inside Out Method Workout 1, the real workout LOL (20mins)

*Bob Harpers Inside Out Method Workout 1 is the hour long workout. I think I may have moved on from the beginner one too soon b/c 20mins in I felt like I was gonna puke. I stopped and calmed my rear down. My legs were killing me and I was whining like a baby...I can admit that lol

Wednesday (10/10)
Today was a "rest" day. I couldn't move my legs w/o them hurting.

Thursday (10/11) & Friday (10/12)
These two days are when I was doing my moping around and not doing anything else but the house work that needed to be done. I should have pushed through my shitty mood, but I didn't. That is something I need to work on personally.

*Now, I think I'm gonna stop with my 4week plan lol...not b/c I'm giving up!! BUT b/c my neighbor let me borrow her "ChaLean Extreme". All I have to do is follow the plan! Today I will do my fit test for it and my measurements and see how it goes!! I need to find something I like that I can stick to! Wish me luck!

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