Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WTF Sergeant?

This morning, as I was walking my daughter to school like I do every morning, I witnessed what I can only assume was a woman on a power trip. My jaw kinda dropped a little bit and I refrained from saying anything because of the kids around.

Sometimes people will hear me complain about the idiot crossing guards at the school, but the female soldier who has been up there the past few weeks has been cool. Nothing to complain about from me. Well, as I was coming up on the crosswalk today, she stopped traffic, like she normally does, and let some parents and kids pass. I noticed as she was stopping the traffic there was a black vehicle that just kept inching it's way forward. The crossing guard sternly put her hand up in the "stop" manner.

As I get to the crosswalk, the NCO in charge of the soldiers doing the crossing guard duty informed them to let the traffic go and hold the pedestrians. Well, that didn't happen! The black vehicle that had been inching it's way forward, stopped IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSSWALK! The female soldier who was on crossing guard duty told her she needed to keep it moving. The woman in the black vehicle started yelling at the crossing guard about how she was performing her duty. The crossing guard told her again she needed to keep moving. She then turned to me and said, "I'm so sorry about this."

The woman in the black vehicle said, "Oh you're gonna make me get out of the car." Remember, she is in the middle of the crosswalk. She then puts her phone down and tells the person to hold on (on the phone while driving? ah, okay). She gets out of the car yelling, "I'm Sergeant So-n-So! Come around here and talk to me now. You better get at parade rest, I'm not playing with you!"

WTF? What in the hell just happened? The crossing guard said, "Ma'am my NCO is right there you can talk to him." The female Sgt was still yelling and making a scene, over nothing in my opinion, so the MP then starts asking what is going on. The traffic was backed up, we were held up, and the crazy Sgt was still trippin'. The crossing guard told the MP this woman was impending traffic. The MP said something to her that was inaudible to me and the crazy Sgt got in her car and pulled up to the next street and stopped on the corner. STILL ON HER PHONE. Yelling about "I've had shoes longer than you been in the army!"

I had several issues with this.

1. The crossing guard did nothing wrong. She did what she does every day out there. I know, I see her every day. So, what was this Sgt trippin about? Is it b/c the crossing guard "dismissed her" and told her she needed to keep moving b/c she stopped in the middle of the crosswalk?

2. Since when did the rank of Sgt. give you the right to act like a complete ass in front of children? I'm pretty sure you're not taught to act like your tampon is on fire in front of kids. I'll have to ask my husband if they have a class on that at WLC.

3. This Sgt was yelling and making a scene, obviously b/c she thought the crossing guard did something wrong, YET she was on the phone while driving! Say what?

So, that was my morning WTF Moment... I really hope that Sgt gets put in her place b/c something bad could have happened out there. The drivers of the other cars couldn't see what was going on and were still trying to drive pass. She was blocking the cross walk. What if a kid had tried to cross around her and got hit by another car?

I'm glad I refrained from saying something. No need to make my husband leave his job to come get me at the MP station....

Got any WTF Moments to share?


  1. I honestly feel that the NCO creed needs to be made memorized on a yearly basis and not just as preparation for going before the board for a promotion. Maybe it will help some of these hot heads remember their responsibilities of conduct as soldiers.

    1. I know they drill the NCO creed into them at WLC.