Friday, October 5, 2012

October 1st - October 5th (2012)

Let me point out that my "weeks" are going to be Mon - Fri.... 5 days. Refer to 4 Weeks of Fun to see why I'm writing about my weeks.

This week was my first week starting my videos.

Monday (10/1)
Bob Harper: Inside Out Method, Workout 2 - the beginner workout (20mins)
2 miles on the Treadmill (34mins)

*I wanted to do "Shape- Totaly Body Toning", but Bob Harper put me on my ass LOL So this one didn't happen on Monday.

Tuesday (10/2)
Walked 4.20 miles outside (1hr 18mins)

*What I had written down for today was "The Biggest Loser Power Walk" which would have equaled 4miles. I also had "Shape- Amazing Arms & Lower Body Blast" down to do but didn't. My body was sore from the Bob Harper video, which worked upper and lower body. The walk did me good though. My husband just loved that I was sore all over and thought it would be funny to grab and squeeze me all over... under the disguise of "baby just let me give you a massage"... he enjoyed my pain too much lol - Yes, I was whiny.

Wednesday (10/3)
The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt - Week1/2 (about 30mins)
Bob Harper: Inside Out Method, Workout 2 - the beginner workout (20mins)

*The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt is broken down into 3 levels... Level 1 being Week1/2, Level 2 being Week3/4 and Level 3 being Week5/6. It's a 6wk program. I wanted to do 2miles on the treadmill, but didn't. My body was sore so I did some extra stretching instead.

Thursday (10/4)
Did absolutely nothing today but rest! I planned on doing all of my "Shape" Dvd and 2 miles on the treadmill, but I was just exhausted and tired. I think my planning was a little over zealous when I wrote everything up... BUT next week, I will do better! Working my way up to what I want to do is better than not doing anything at all =)

Friday (10/5)
Walked 4 miles outside (1hr 13mins)
Bob Harper: Inside Out Method, Workout 2 - the beginner workout (20mins)

*During the weekend, Sat & Sun, I'm going to do at least 2miles on my treadmill each day, but no strength training videos. Give my muscles a break until Monday. I think I did pretty good my first week.

This week, from the exercises I did, I burned a total of 2,208 calories. I use an app on iPod that calculated calories burned. I chose this specific app b/c it has some of the videos in it I use.

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