Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breast Reduction - Part 6 *The actual Surgery*

The big day, September 9th 2011, has come and gone. The entire day before my surgery I was anxious and felt sick to my stomach. Every little thing annoyed the hell out of me and I just wanted to be left alone. Well, left alone to a certain extent. I wanted people around but I wanted quiet... wasn't happening lol.

The night before my surgery my daughter was very upset and I laid with her to help her go to sleep. She was crying. I didn't think this would have an impact on her but apparently it did. She has heard me talk of going to the doctor and getting surgery and I was gonna have stitches and need to rest and heal. She knew I wasn't going to my regular doctor like I do every 3 months (for my thyroid). She confided in me that she was scared and didn't want me to be hurt. She wouldn't let me leave her until she fell asleep. While we were cuddling I explained to her why I was willing to go through a little bit of pain to have less pain in the long run. I think I explained it the best I could to a six year old lol...

My daughter finally fell asleep and I took my valium and went to nookie, since it will be a while before I do that again!! lol... and I passed out. I slept restlessly and despite thinking I was gonna have nightmares, I didn't. We got up and I got the kids up for school. Darrell and I left to get to my appointment on time and Staci got the kids off to school for me... love that woman..

I showed up to my surgery appointment in button down jammies, my cowboys blanket (don't be a hater lol), my daughters ariel pillow she made me take and my Scentsy Buddy Roarbert the Lion. Yes, I cuddle with a smell good stuffed animal. Now you know my secrets.... I also had to have all my medications with me that I had gotten at my previous appointment, the pre-op.

We went in and waited in the "fish room", which is the waiting room for the surgery patients but they call it the "fish room" because of the big fish tank. Darrell sat with me on the couch and cuddled me a little because I was scared... boy was I scared... like, really, really

My nurse came and got me and she took me to get ready. I had to put on these stockings to help with the circulation in my legs and this paper type top that opened in the front. I also had to pee in a cup for ANOTHER pregnancy test just to make sure, which I knew I wasn't pregnant, but they have to cover their butts! Then we went into my prep room and I met my other nurse too. We got to talking about the stuff I brought with me and it turns out they both love Scentsy and one of them took the one catalog I had on me and I'm taking more back when I go next week...always working! LOL... anyways...

I was weighed and my temp was taken and my blood pressure too. They gave me my anti-nausea medicine and put my IV in. Then the doctor came in and made the markings on my boobs with a green marker and a measuring thing... I felt a bit awkward at that time because he was drawing on me and lifting me and my nipple were getting hard. I knew it wasn't sexual and I knew he had seen it a hundred times and it was like nothing to him, but it made me feel funny lol... I pushed it to the back of my head though and kept telling myself it had to be

After he finished with the markings my nurse went and got Darrell to come in with me for a few minutes before they took me back. The anestesiologist came in too and asked me routine questions and gave me a muscle relaxer to get me ready... then it was time for me to go... I said bye to Darrell and wished with all my heart he could have went in with me, but I knew I had to brave it on my own.

I really don't remember much. I remember going into the surgery room and laying on the bed and putting my arms in the arm rests and that is it. I woke up with Darrell by my side. Apparently when I came to I kept telling the nurse "I want Darrell, I just want my Darrell." Awwww lol.. I wasn't in recovery very long... I think about an hour. They helped me to the bathroom and then wheeled me out to the car. I remember bits and pieces of the day. Darrell was making fun of me about how I was eating my fries on the way home...he had stopped and got me McDonalds since I was starving..

I remember my daughter coming home from school and cuddling up with me for a minute, she really worried I wasn't gonna be there when she came home. I was home by like 2pm.. My surgery was at 9am... I didn't have any drains put in and I felt okay yesterday. Of course I was still high from the anestisia lol... I was a little sore, not too bad... my hubs went and bought a new bed and I couldn't even sleep in it! Can't wait until I can though lol..

Today, my second day of recovery, was worse. The pain is worse, but my drugs take care of it pretty well. My friend Dee offered to take the kids so I could relax and it has been nice. Darrell and I went to dinner and then went to get me more gauze pads, tape and an ace bandage to keep me tight while he washed my surgical bra. I must say that my husband would make a great house wife! Haaahaaa... seriously though, he has really been a blessing to me right now.

When I changed my bandages today I cried. I don't really know what I was expecting.... I mean, I know it wasn't going to be all beautiful and looking silky smooth, but I wasn't prepared for what I saw. I know it will take time to heal and they will look better, but it was just a shocker for me... and now on to the questions from my post on *AWDIWH*...

"Felicia Blank - How sore are you? Hope this doesnt come off the wrong way but what was your reason was there a medical concern?"
I'm feeling sore like I've been in a car accident... the worst part is doing my bandages... that is more sensitive as it should be expected to be lol... every so often I feel a bit of a burning sensation around my nipple area... not too bad though, just like a paper cut kinda burn and it only lasts for a few seconds...I have been thinking for a few years of getting a reduction. I was a C cup in my teens and into my 20s... I went up a size with each kid and didn't go back down. Then last year I thought that maybe they would get smaller when I lost weight...well, I lost 50lbs and my chest didn't get any smaller... I have had back pain, shoulder and neck pain, migraines, and I started getting indents in my shoulders from my bras. When I would work out or be out in the heat too long I would get rashes underneath... I just couldn't stand the pain and discomfort anymore.

"Annie Colson - Can I have what they took out? President of the itty bitty titty committee." If I could have given them to anyone, I would have recycled them in my ass... LOL... my ass is non-existent! haahaa ..and now I'm in the itty bitty titty committee with you, so move over and make room! lol

"Christina Souza - What size would you need to be to be considered for a breast reduction?" I don't know that there is a specific size... I'm sure each size is different depending on the person and the build of their body.. from what I understand they go by your overall health and problems caused by them... I was told I was a good candidate for the surgery because I had the back pain, rashes, neck pain, shoulder pain, indents in my shoulders and migraines... the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor. Tell him you want a referral to see a plastic surgeon about a consultation for a breast reduction.

"Sarah Craig - how bad does it hurt. im considering it myself" Well, I'm only on day two so I don't know how bad it will be tomorrow or the next day, but I didn't wake up in any pain... just a little discomfort. They really do well with the pain control. Well, where I went anyway. The thing that hurt the worst for me was the needle they gave me for my IV lol On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say my pain is about a 3... I keep up on my meds... I don't wait until I'm hurting real bad, I take them every 4 hours.

"Randi Rodriguez - If I may ask what size are, or I guess were you? I have considered it but haven't done anything because I don't have pain ... Yet. how old were you when you started having pain? I am 27 and a DD. Maybe I just lucked out with no pain?"
I was a DDD or a tad bigger...I'm 31 now and I noticed more pain with my weight gain. My weight has been fluctuating because of my thyroid and the big breast just make it all worse. So I went from a DDD to a C. I can tell a difference already. Even though I'm sore and swollen, I can feel the lightness and it is great!

"Bethanie Delerson - did u have to go under for that? Im freakin scared of the anasitia(sp) its preventing me from going now.. any words of wisdom since you been thru going under?" Yes you get put under for it. I really wasn't too scared of that b/c I've been under before for some things, but to make it an overall more pleasant thing for me, I brought some things from home to have with me that comforted me... like my husbands cowboys blanket, my daughters ariel pillow and my Scentsy Buddy with one of my favorite scents it that calms me... the little things help.

"Jessica Whitney Crowe - Was it covered by tricare at all? Just had my second baby and im really not into these double ds...."
Yes, Tricare covered it all. Since you just had a baby, I would see if they go down some. I know mine didn't go down after I had kids, they just kept getting bigger lol... But I don't think I would get it done if you're not done having kids. Only because they might get bigger again. The only things I've had to buy for this was my button down jammies, my gauze pads, my antibiotic ointment and I'll be buying "scar guard" at my next appointment. The surgery itself and all your pain meds are covered.

"Samantha Slifer - What are your restrictions?" Nothing strenuous for 2 weeks and I can't lift my arms up high. My doctor told me to just take it easy and rest the first 2 weeks and then do things as I feel able to... He wants me to get up and walk 4 to 5 times a day, not like outside or anything... just move around the house some...get the circulation going and all..

Here are my previous posts about my Reduction...I've written about it from the beginning when I decided to have to have done =)

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  1. JAMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! <3 IM VERY PROUD OF YOU (SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS) !!! GOD you are really convincing!!! Im so thankful that the surgery went well, and yes im very JEALOUS!! that I dont hae the guts... hmm tell me this is it worst than a c-section? Because if not then i may just consider (haahaa) i love you girl!! and wish nothing but happiness and QUICK!!! recovery!! *Also @hubs n house wife... the hubs seem to be very good and cleaning and washing!! i like the idea of house wife too... (talkin bout my hubs too)hahaa!! love ya chicka~!!!!! ~aunjanaya

  2. LOL you know, this pain is sore but nothing like the c-section... with that i felt like my insides were gonna fall out lol... i would take this over a c-section any day... if it is something you're thinking of, do your research and think on it for a bit so you know for sure... but i don't regret it! love you girl!!

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