Friday, May 20, 2011

Make Everyday Chores Easier!

I know we all love tips on how to get things done faster and easier around the house so I'm sharing tips from one of my fave magazines - "Womans World"


*save time by stopping the dust before it comes in... 80% of dust comes in on your feet, so if you have a good doormat by every entryway you will cut down on dust! It says if you put the right mats down in the right spots you can cut dust in your home by 50%...something like this mat outside will help -

*investing in a pro tool will help with large and hard to reach places and cut cleaning time too -

Doing laundry-

*skipping the softener... not only does it cost money and add another step, but it also harms your clothes... softener adds a coating to your clothes that weakens the fabric and accelerates fading...

*don't sort your clothes by color... separating clothes automatically requires you to do at least 2 loads when sometimes you don't have to... just add a cup of white vinegar to the wash water and your colors won't bleed b/c vinegar sets in your colors

Washing dishes-

*don't rinse your plates... not only does it waste time and water but it can actually make your dishes dirtier.. dishwashing detergents are designed to bind to food and if there isn't any for them to grab onto they aren't effective... so instead of rinsing, simply scrape the food off and let the dishwasher do the rest

*cutting out a cycle or two.. skipping the pre-rinse cycle ((unless they are super dirty with dried on gunk)) and skipping the cycle for pots and pans will save time and energy...

***feel free to add your own tips in the comments =)


  1. If I didn't pre-rinse my dishes they would never come out clean. On post housing doesn't have the newest appliances.

  2. Oh I had the prob at Carson! LOL

  3. ohhhh, I like the non-sorting tip; since I HATE to sort!!! ;O) But truly, the exception is pee clothes and uniforms. They can truly ruin the rest of the load. (true story) :o)