Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day - 2011

 Freedom's Colors

Red is for Bravery;
blood shed in sacrifice.
Freedom came with lives the price.

White is for Liberty;
freedom's purity.
Life be free from God's decree.

Blue is for Justice;
as vast as the sky.
Over freedom's land to occupy.

Liberty Be

As a rose its beauty adorns,
has its pricks, has it's thorns.
Life in Liberty, the freedom we see,
has its trials, be forewarned.

Through the air the bell rings free,
cover the bell and the ding sounds dim.
Regulation restricts sovereign unity,
as freedom strains from lawyers' whim.

Beauty abounds in the garden of flowers,
the gardener toils, for blooms all to view.
Liberty for some is oppression for others,
rights for all means, not all rights for you.

The Nation's bell once rang free,
the crack down side proclaims the cost.
Life in liberty, is not. freedom be,
rights came, by devoted lives lost.

One single bloom awaits more flowers,
to many, too close chokes the debut.
One lone liberty may stifle another;
balance of rights is responsibility to you.

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