Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama, the wicked witch of the East is dead -

I woke up to all kinds of things in my news feed, in my groups and on my army wives friend even called me at 11pm last night to tell me the news, but I was sleeping... so it wasn't until this morning that is saw the news - The Wicked Witch is DEAD ((Osama))

People are rejoicing and celebrating the death of the man who was the supposed mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. A man who was the leader of suicide terrorists who flew their planes into the Twin Towers, killing nearly 3,000 people on American soil. It's obvious to me and to many others that this man needed to be taken down. This will go down in history, along with the capture and death of Saddam Hussein.

Some people think these events don't deserve the recognition they are given. I agree to a certain point, in that I think we should not only recognize this but lift our troops higher, especially those who have given their all, literally. The point where my disagreement comes in is this - let the world know, let all the terrorists know, the enemies of the United States..... we set out on a mission to destroy the ones who attacked our home. Granted, it took years and years to finally catch him, but what does that tell you? We hunted a man for 10yrs!!! Ten years!!! That tells me the United States will NOT lay dormant while men who threaten everything we stand for is free. The men who died in this "battle", died knowing what they were trying to protect and their deaths, however sad, are not in vain.

This sends the message to all Osama's followers that we will not lay low, we WILL NOT go quietly into the night, WE WILL NEVER LET TERRORISM WIN. If we go out, we will go out with a fight for what we believe in.

I think Osama's network has been shook. They thought he was untouchable. Yes, they want revenge and I'm sure their attacks will become worse now, but I don't believe for long. They are truly on a suicide mission. Our men and women were trained to deal with organizations like this. They may be a greater danger to begin with b/c of retaliation but in the long run they are a deminished force.

Now is the time, more than ever, to lift up or Troops and show them our love and support!!! First and most importantly, IMO, the ones still on the ground fighting, but always still lighting that flame for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Celebrate and rejoice the death of this man who threatened the livelihood of America and then give due honor and respect to the men and women who brought him down.

Some say it is wrong to celebrate the death of Osama, that is it God's job to deal with him. I agree it is God's job to deal with him, but what if this was God's way of dealing with him? Didn't Joshua and the Israelite Army celebrate and rejoice when they took down Jericho? Was this not God's doing? His plan? Were they wrong in rejoicing when they conquered the city God told them to take? NO. Just like our people are not wrong for celebrating the demise of a man who has killed THOUSANDS. Those who know God, know He works in mysterious ways. In the Bible there are always celebrations when one wins something of significance in a war. This is definitely something significant. I doubt God minds everyone is cheering. Just sayin'...

I also want to touch on him being buried at sea already. GOOD! Who wants him buried somewhere that sick individuals can go and worship him? He isn't worth the ground he would have went in. Let the sharks devour him and rip him to shreds. He deserves nothing more.

One of my biggest hopes out of all of this is that the people affected by 9/11 have some sort of closure or relief now that the man who is behind all the death and destruction is DEAD.

Just a few of my thoughts on this...

 Thank God that Osama is dead.
Thank God for the troops who fight the good fight.
Thank God for the troops who gave their all.