Monday, May 9, 2011

Military SPOUSE Appreciation Day

I have seen some things about "military spouse appreciation day" that irked me. Some people think girlfriends and fiances should be included in this. I disagree. They say girlfriends and fiances go through the same things as wives do. This I agree with. There are things that we all go through the same... but I don't think "military spouse appreciation day" is about that.

To me, it isn't about the feelings we go through or "difficulties" of being without them while they are deployed or gone for long periods of training....and by no means at all am I down playing girlfriends or fiances.... I SUPPORT ALL... girlfriends, fiances, wives....

However, there are things that I think "military spouse appreciation day" is for that girlfriends and fiances aren't apart of or can't do.

Wives run the FRG and all FRG related functions.
Wives deal with Tricare.
Wives deal with DEERS.
Wives deal with transportion.
Wives deal with JAG.
Wives deal with finance.

It is things like this that make me think this is why "military spouse appreciation day" came about. It is the things that set the wives apart.

**of course I include husbands in this as well, but I said wives because I am a wife lol... =)

Just my little bit of 2cents...

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