Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tischer's Troops on Facebook ~ please read =)

I got a message the other day and I'm sharing this with everyone. I have joined the group I'm about to link and I have asked that my name be added to the note they are sending to facebook. Here is part of the message I received:

"I have a group called TISCHER'S TROOPS and our mission is to advocate for all individuals with "diff-abilities" and Down syndrome. We are on multiple missions but right now one of them is on FB to STOP the CYBER-BULLYING against individuals with Ds and disabilities. We were wondering if you all would be willing to sign our letter which is posted on group. I know there are a lot Army families who deal with autism, ADHD, Down syndrome and so and their loved are unfortunately being made fun of on FB and we want to stop it! Somehow we hope to make a difference! The letter is long and I know some pages don't really want individuals to post letters like the one we have written on their pages so we thought we would ask. Let us know. Thanks!"

I told them to add my name to the letter and I hope you will join and do the same =)

Here is the group:
(copy/paste it into your browser)

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