Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Contest for reaching 10,000 fans =)

I'm so excited that we reached 10,000 fans on *Army Wives Do It With Hooah*!!!

I've decided to do a contest with a prize. We've had a few contests in the past, but not many. The prize will be something Scentsy from me (Jamie Lynn Independent Scentsy Consultant).

The Contest - Those who wish to enter will write a "Haiku Poem" about the military/army...this can be a wide range of things...from your soldier to the flag..deployments to PSCing... it doesn't have to "patriotic" but it has to be military related.

In case you don't know what a "Haiku Poem" is, you can read about it here:
How to write a Haiku Poem

Send your entries to me at:
Put "poem" as the subject so I know exactly what it is.

I will take poems up to August 31, 2011. I will then take all the poems I get and put them in a blog post. The members of *Army Wives Do It With Hooah* will vote.

Depending on how many poems I get, I may break the voting into groups of poems and then vote among the winners of each group.

Voting will take place in the middle of September 2011, not sure of the exact date, but I will keep you updated on it. ((Not sure of exact date b/c of my Surgery on the 9th))

Let's have fun!!! Can't wait to see what we get!!

Write those poems and email them to me by August 31st!!! - "poem" in subject line


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