Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It seems Hurricane Irene is going to miss us here in GA. We may get some wind and rain but nothing major unless she decides to change course at the last minute..and we all know how women like to change their minds ;)

I have a small concern about Hurricane Irene. My concern is that people will not take the chance to evacuate certain areas while they can. I'm pretty sure there are people who wished they had left when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans...There were so many who didn't take the warnings seriously and lost their lives.

I'm not sure that Hurricane Irene will be as bad as Katrina, but she can, and she will, do some damage. When she hits, make sure you are prepared. If people need help afterwards, understand that because of the amount of people who may need help and your location, people might not be able to get to you right away... We all know how this will end up... "Obama hates the American people so he isn't helping!" - now I don't think that but you know there are people who say everything that goes wrong under the sun is his He is telling people to be prepared!!

So, here are some links to help you prepare for a Hurricane..Irene or any other one in the future -

Hurricane Preparedness
How to Prepare for a Hurricane


  1. Should of placed bets that we wouldn't get anything here in GA. . . There were a few wives to jump my ass because SUPPOSIVLY I said don't bother to get water and cans??? When I really said I don't mind going out to get water and caned goods. IDIOTS! I know to prepare and don't need it rubbed in my face!

    I guess those who sit at home with no life have nothing else to do but complain to others and find a reason to bitch. Am I right?

  2. I for one am heeding the warnings here in Jersey. I saw what happened to those people in New Orleans who DIDN'T listen and that will NOT be me and my family. No reason to evacuate this far inland...besides there is no place for us to go... but we can DEFINITELY be prepared...and we are. To think people won't be affected by it is just ridiculous. Mother Nature does her own thing...obviously with a the recent earthquake on the East Coast, so I'd rather prepare for the worst than to be caught off guard!