Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene aftermath..

I'm reading about the death toll with Hurricane Irene. Sitting here just confuzzled at the lack of common sense when it comes to fooling with Mother Nature. I'm reading that at least 28 deaths were in connection with this Hurricane. Some of them have me saying "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" -

"In Bristol, 46-year-old Shane Seaver died after he and another man went canoeing down a flooded street and the canoe capsized. Seaver's body washed ashore late Sunday night in Plainville. The other man survived." (in Connecticut) - What in the hell possessed these men to get in a canoe and think it was a good idea to take a "stroll" in the flooded street? If this were one of my family members I would be pissed off that they died this way because it was completely preventable.

"In Volusia County, 55-year-old Frederick Fernandez died Saturday off New Smyrna Beach after he was tossed off his board by massive waves caused by Irene. The Orlando Sentinel reports the high school teacher had a large cut on his head, apparently from hitting the sea floor." (in Florida) - Huh?! You mean to tell me this guy was actually surfing in the ocean with a freakin' hurricane?!! And this man is a teacher so you would think he would have known better! I understand surfers live for the waves and all but did he really think this was a good idea? Come on... my 12yr old has more sense than that.

"Celena Sylvestri, 20, of Quinton, called her boyfriend and then 911 early Sunday seeking help getting out of her flooded car in Pilesgrove, police said. Her body was found eight hours later in the vehicle, which was about 150 feet off the road, police said." (in NJ) - This one really hits close to home.. This is right near where I'm from. I got married in Quinton, NJ. I know the roads and I know you don't drive in them when they are flooded!!! Another death that could have been prevented if she used her brain.

"Police in Suffolk County say 68-year-old Joseph Rocco of East Islip drowned while windsurfing in Bellport Bay." & "Two men were swept down the Croton River on Sunday evening after their inflatable boat capsized, and one of them died after being pulled down river by heavy currents, Croton police said." - Really? Do I even need to touch on this? I think I've said enough with the above examples.

Now, I'm sorry that these people lost their lives and my heart really does go out to their families despite how heartless I seem, but these deaths were completely unnecessary! Why don't people listen to the warnings that are issued with these Hurricanes? and other things like Tornadoes and Earthquakes... these are not things to mess with because they are seriously unpredictable events.  It bothers me to see people lose their lives over senseless things. /rant



  1. I totally agree with you

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting =) I appreciate it!

  2. Celena was a close friend, her power went out she got scared and started driving to her boyfriends. Relax!!