Sunday, August 21, 2011

I believe this Marine is PMS-ing...small rant

My friend did a search on how to do a "high and tight" cut for her son. She stumbled across a forum where a Marine made himself sound like an arrogant asshole. I don't know if he is just generally an ass or if he was on his menstrual...

Here is his response to the question about what size clippers to use:

"As a US Marine I get angry when I see civilians with a military regulation haircut. Our way of living shouldn't be a fashion statement. Especially for those who have no idea what we go through on a day to day basis. It's an insult to us to see a nasty civilian walking around immitating something they are not. (and yes, just about any good Marine can point you out a mile away) We do not get a high and tight during recruit training. We earn that privilage when we march across the parade deck on graduation day. During recruit training we are shaven pretty much bald (0 all around) until our last week and a half. At that time we are given a high regulation haircut but it's not very noticable. "

Is anyone elses jaw on the floor? Did asking a simple question deserve this response? Where is his honor? Really..."nasty civilians"..well this nasty civilian here could give two shits about how angry you get when you see a civilian with a military regulation haircut... Did I miss it when the military received copyrights to a hair cut? So, just because a civilian man wants a "high and tight" that means he is trying to imitate someone in the military? Well, that is news to me.. I thought people liked it because it was nice and clean looking...silly me, I guess I missed the memo where everyone who gets a "high and tight" wants to be a Marine.

This pompous ass makes me want to puke. Arrogance and ignorance are not admirable traits and this man seems like a disgrace to the Marines. He should be ashamed. /rant

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