Thursday, August 18, 2011

He wasn't "highly intoxicated" so that makes it okay...

NOT! Okay, so here is the story - Grissom High School football coach is on paid administrative leave while the Huntsville City School Board decides his punishment after his DUI arrest. Read it. =)

Now, my opinion I'm sure will not be liked by some and as my readers know, I don't care. Let's put a few things out here:

1. This man is a football coach - a man who is trusted to teach and guide young men.. my husband played football during his entire high school "career". His coaches were like fathers to him and he looked up to them. Young "men" in high school are very impressionable, especially by those they look up to.

2. This man was on school property - true, it was on a Saturday and he was off work, but he was on school grounds, driving school property... I don't care if he was only a "little intoxicated" - the point is, he had drinks and then he drove. Did he think no one would hear the commotion going on at the school on a Saturday night and call someone? Oh, he probably wasn't thinking at all! He had been drinking.

My kids are taught at home AND at school that drinking and driving is NEVER okay. You don't have one drink and get behind the wheel, so definitely not enough to make you legally intoxicated.

If this teacher appeals and gets away with it, this is teaching kids that it is okay to have a few drinks and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Just my opinion, but this is not the kind of school I would want my kids to attend.

What if one of his football players, who is old enough to drive, decides "hey I can have this drink at a party and drive home, I'll be okay because I won't be highly intoxicated... the coach did it, so it must be okay." Then gets behind the wheel of his parents car to go home or pick up friend or whatever... then crashes because for one, he is an inexperienced driver and two he has alcohol in his system. He could kill someone or kill himself at worst. Damage property, the car or someone elses...but hey! it's alright because he wasn't "highly intoxicated"... NO.

BTW, I would be willing to bet my life that if this was a man in the community who wasn't affiliated with the school football team that it wouldn't be "oh he wasn't highly intoxicated" - he would end up being in more trouble than I'm sure this coach will be in. SMH.

Sorry for my rant. Guess I'm just sick of adults acting a fool. /rant

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