Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breast Reduction - Part 2

The call I've been waiting for came this morning... Tricare approved my surgery! So many emotions are coming and going right now about this. At first I felt sick from the nervousness and realization that I'm actually on my way to doing this. Don't get me wrong, I'm still absolutely sure I want to do this, it's just a big decision.

I know my breasts don't define me but they are a part of me and it makes me a little nervous on how I feel about my body afterwards. I think being a little nervous is normal, at least I hope it is. However, I'm so looking forward to no more back pain, shoulder pain, migraines, indents from my bra straps... (I am fully aware that not all my "symptoms" will just go away completely, but it will be so much better!)

I'm excited to get this done, heal and get back to the gym. My chest was a major factor into why I stopped going. It was painful on the treadmill working with "the girls"... I never seemed to have enough support and I hated when I would get rashes. I also wouldn't want to do anything else after the gym because my back would be killing me. Pain is not fun.

So, my pre-op appointment will be at the end of this month. At this appointment I'll be given the prescription for my medications, guidelines on the days leading up to my surgery and the guidelines for the day of my surgery. I'm sure they'll give me directions on post-op care too.

My actual surgery is set for the very beginning of September. I'm extremely glad to be getting it done for 2 reasons. One, I just want to do it and get it over with lol. Two, my husband will be here. You know in the Army they are always gone for training and schooling and such, so September is the perfect time because he will be gone for a bit in October.

More to come =)

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I like to add pics sometimes to my posts, as my readers know...I thought this was funny:

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