Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've been on an herbal tea kick...

I love my yerba mate with ginger root!! Gets the fire going and gives ya a boost of energy. I have also been drinking regular green tea and white tea. All w/o sweetener! Three other teas I have been drinking are Yogi tea - green tea goji berry, Yogi tea - green tea pomegranate (which has powerful antioxidants) and Bija -hoodia slimming tea.... I love the taste of them all =)

I've been frequenting this all natural food store in town and I love it in there! It's where I've been getting my teas and I could stay in there for hours just browsing around and reading all the different things they have. I've been trying different teas since I'm trying to give up coffee all together. Plus, herbal teas are beneficial!!


I seriously love them and recommend them to all tea lovers! =)

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