Wednesday, December 29, 2010

❥New Jersey Adventures

Let's start with the drive here... insane!! I will never drive at night again, lol. The drivers were crazy, the ride was long and I was frozen to the bone every time I stopped to pump gas. One time my bones were literally shaking. I was ready for the nice GA weather again before I even hit Virginia. I stopped 2 times for 45 mins to rest my eyes, but I couldn't get any "real" rest cramped in the car at the rest area with lights shining in my face. Alexis however got tons of sleep. Lucky gal...

My in-laws threw a Christmas Eve party and that was a blast. Great food, great people, great visiting.... I got to see my brothers-in-law for the first time in years that night which was cool. On Christmas, after the kids opened their presents and we hung out a bit, we went to see my family. Oh how I missed them!! I hadn't realized how much I missed them until I actually saw them. I have really wanted to go by my mother's old place, but I'm afraid I'll break down since she is not with us anymore... maybe I'll still go, I have some time to decide.

The day after Christmas it snowed. Not just a little bit either. It snowed so bad I had to postpone my visit to one of my old friends house until the next day. The next day was crazy driving!! I don't know what I was thinking about, but I made it there. The highway was covered with snow most of the way...see?

Here's the hubby diggin' me out after he did his car....

Here's the highway I was driving on...boy was I nervous!!...

After a wonderful visit with my old friend, I went to see a new friend. Now, I have known Kliff for some years...and I only knew his fiance from online and wanted to meet her. So, I drove again in the crazy snow. It was worth it though because Kristi was hoot!! Even when her and Kliff attacked me, taped my mouth shut and held an Eagles jersey in front of me...all because I'm a Cowboys fan.


Today the hubs and did some shopping for me because we're going to a New Year's Eve party with his parents. I still have to go tomorrow and get shoes and a throw to put on over my clothes since it will be cold. Of course I'll post pictures after we take some!! So, that's an update on me and I'll write again soon... =)

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