Monday, June 7, 2010

First stop~ Fort Riley, KS (2003-2005)

When Darrell told me his first duty station was in Kansas I almost died! I had lived in New Jersey all my life and all I could was that we were moving to the middle of no I didn't join him right away because we had to wait for our lease to be up, but I got there with the kids about a month later. Once he told me there was a super walmart I knew I was going to be okay!

My trip out to Kansas was "interesting". I took the bus with two toddlers. Our boys were 3 and 2 at the time and yes, I was one of the mothers that everyone stares at for using those kid harnesses!! I didn't care what anyone thought, I was on a nearly 3 day trip half way across the country and I was not going to lose my kids. Luggage, sure, I could care less, but not my boys!! (Funny how sometimes now I wish they would "get lost"

Surprisingly, our boys did very well on the bus trip and I was pleased overall with how well it went. At least until I got to Junction City and my husband wasn't at the bus station waiting for me!! If you've been to Junction City and seen the bus station, you would know why I was freaking out at 10pm when I got there. There was a man who had been on the bus who waited with me and the boys (his girlfriend who was there to pick him up waited too). Darrell didn't have me waiting too long, he was held up because of work so I wasn't mad. I had totally panicked though. LOL.

We got an apartment off post while waiting to be called to move on post. Our place was so tiny, but we lived right next to Pizza Hut so I was good!! We were there for a few months in the summer. By the way, summers in Kansas are hell. Crazy hot!! I was so glad when we got called for housing, the central air was a life saver!

Darrell deployed 2 days after we got the call for housing, so he never saw our home until his R&R 7 months later. We left Fort Riley and headed to Fort Carson in Feb. 2005.

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