Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is Convalescent Leave?

Convalescent leave is a nonchargeable absence from duty granted to expedite a soldier’s return to full duty after illness, injury, or childbirth.

The hospital commander or designee is the approval authority for convalescent leave for 30 days or less (42 days after normal pregnancy and childbirth). Only hospital commanders will approve convalescent leave in excess of 42 days after childbirth when a soldier is assigned or attached to the medical holding unit (AR 40–3, para 9–2) during one continuous period of hospitalization. If the soldier is not hospitalized, unit commander is the approval authority (para 5–5 AR 600-8-10).

The unit commander is the approval authority for up to 30 days convalescent leave (42 days after normal pregnancy and childbirth) for a soldier returning to duty after illness or injury (para 5–7 AR 600-8-10).

The approval authorities establish procedures for granting convalescent leave.

Hospital commanders are the only approval authority for requests in excess of 30 days (or in excess of 42 days for childbirth).

For more info: Using Convalescent Leave


  1. can you take more that 30 days convalescent leave if your doctor needs you to be out longer?

  2. i'm not sure, but if you HAVE to be out i'm sure something will be done about it

  3. How does this work for paternity leave??

  4. I'm not exactly sure how it works with paternity leave... I do know that when I had my daughter, my husband got 2wks off to stay home with me but he had to use leave days for it.
    When I had our twins, he got almost a month off and only used leave days for half of the time b/c I was having a hard time recovering from the c-section and b/c we gave them up for they wanted him to have some "down" time... I really think it depends on the unit and command.

  5. Paternity leave is a non-chargeable leave....All fathers get 10 free days of leave to spend with their child after the child is born.