Friday, June 25, 2010

Third Stop ~ Fort Hood (2007 - 2009)

"Welcome to the Great Place!"

I sure did get tired of hearing that everyday coming through the gate! Seriously though, I absolutely loved Hood. The weather was a bit of a shock coming from Colorado, but I adjusted.

Our 3 years at Fort Hood were full of ups and downs. While at Hood my husband did his third tour in Iraq for 15 months. My mother passed away during this time and a year after her passing I was on the verge of dying too. (I will do a separate blog on that because there is a lot of information I can share.)

During my time there, I 2 women who mean the world to me. We may not talk as often as I like now, but I know those women will always be there for me no matter what. I met Heather easily enough because she lived right next door. After a few months of "feeling" her out to make sure she was the kind of woman I wanted to be around we began talking more. Next thing you know we were together all the time and her son and my daughter were completely nuts for each other. I met Amber through my husband. She was the wife of one of the guys he worked with. Me and Amber hit it off right away. I miss our nights with Dexter and Spam musubi with potato salad and guacamole!

There is one thing I didn't like about Fort Hood. No, make that 2 things. The first was all the construction on 190. The entire time we lived there it was nothing but construction!! The second thing was Killeen. Killeen was my worst nightmare to drive in. Which is why I always went to the Wal-Mart in Cove.

My daughter loved to take the back road to Wal-Mart because we always got to see the cows crossing the road. She thought it was the most exciting thing ever. We lived on West Fort Hood and could go out the side gate that led right to the back of Wal-Mart. I loved it. Convenient and no traffic.

One of the most amazing things about Texas was the storms. I am a girl who loves a good thunder storm. I can't even count the number of times I stood out back watching the lightening and listening to the thunder. However, I can count the number of times me and Heather went tornado chasing.....once. LOL. We were crazy, but it was great.

I kinda missed Hood, but no so much anymore. I've come to realized that it isn't the town or the houses that make a place great. It isn't how big the commissaries are or how nice the PX is. What makes every place great is the special people you form bonds with. Leaving a place may be hard, but that love and friendship never leaves. I have been fortunate to make dear friends at each place we have been so far. Hopefully that trend will continue. =)

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