Saturday, June 26, 2010

You know you're an Army Wife when....

I posted this as a thread on my army wife fan page. I just got some great answers!
Here they are.....

You know you're an Army Wife when ~ run for the phone,every time it rings. can spot a soldier in civilian clothes a mile away. spell using the phonetic alphabet. check your wallet for your id repeatedly before driving off post.

...Every time your husband thinks he's in charge you remind him his rank doesn't work in your presence! Or you know not to plan ahead ever! ask your husband a question and responds with roger, or yes mam' 1500. understand a shit load of acronyms.

...back home is your last duty station and not where you come from and when your cellphone area code is from the last place you have been. know all the army lingo, not because you want to, but because you have to. wait for the next phone call, email, text message or letter home. know his friends and people he works with only by their last names. have a stock in flat rate shipping boxes.

...everything is military time and you wash laundry all the time. talk to family and friends from back home and use military terms like they understand what you're saying. becomes more than just a four letter word, it becomes your lifeline...letters, emails, calls, text messages. When 5 minutes feels like 3 hours and 45 seconds becomes the best call of your life. spend 5 hrs, with 4 other wives cause they're the only ones who showed to the FRG event, making welcome home banners, and baskets for single soldiers. purchase shipping tape every time you pass the aisle in the grocery store. carry shipping tape, sharpies, and customs forms in your vehicle.'ve spent more time apart than you have together. don't make plans too far in advance because you know they are going to get changed before it's all said and done. actually miss washing all those freaking uniforms... oh and tripping over those boots that he just leaves around.


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  1. my soon to be husband was out of the Army before I met him but I am still like a lot of these and love this post!