Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breast Reduction - Part 8 *1st Post-op Appt*

Yesterday was my first post-op appointment, only 5 days after my surgery. It took longer to drive there than it did for the doctor to check me out! lol

All he did was look over my incisions and said they were healing well. He also dabbed some liquid on them to help with the bruising. I will admit.... THAT SHIT HURT!... it burned and it burned for about an hour!! I was not a happy camper lol..

I have another appointment next week and that is when I'll be able to get my scar guard and start using it.

Am I still sore? yes
Does it look like I have Frankentits? yes
Am I happy I did it? YES!! and YES again!

No regrets at all and I'm just anxious to finish healing... /update =)

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