Sunday, September 4, 2011

Breast Reduction - Part 4

My first post about my breast reduction was on August 3rd. That was my first appointment with my surgeon. Just a little over a month later I'm counting down just days until my surgery.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. It's a pretty big surgery for me and while I'm excited about the results, I'm scared of what it takes to get there lol... I keep having this dream that I come out of surgery and Darrell gets me in the car. The traffic is crazy and people are swerving in and out (like they love to do in Savannah) and we end up getting hit by a truck. The car is totaled and I'm on a stretcher with my chest full of blood from the surgery and impact ripping me back open! I wake up sweating to death! LOL So, yeah, my mind is messing with me... but it will not stop me! =)

One good thing is that I have Staci and her family here to distract me from thinking about it too much, but the bad thing is that they leave the day after my surgery! I'm gonna be in physical discomfort from my surgery and I'll be in other pain from one of my besties leaving... (Side note: thanks Aimee for getting us together!!)

Just one more thing I'd like to mention... On Thursday night, I am gonna burn my bra. LOL - yup! Burn that big bitch to ashes!! Hahahaa... In no way is it related to feminism, which I hear that wasn't true anyways, but it about my freedom... freedom from the physical pain and discomfort...freedom from the oogling eyes of men (which sometimes, I'll admit, I don't mind) - freedom from something I feel has been holding me back... for my readers, I'll be sure to take a pic of it for laughs =)

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