Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sugar & Spice..remembering some of my childhood

We all know that cute little saying about girls...

"Sugar and spice
and everything nice
that's what little girls are made of

Sunshine and rainbows
and ribbons for hair bows
that's what little girls are made of

Tea parties, laces
and baby doll faces
that's what little girls are made of"

Growing up, I was NEVER a "sugar & spice" girl. As a matter of fact, I hated dresses and cute little bows in my hair. I never did tea parties. I loved little dolls though.

I was a little "tomboy". I was the girl playing in the creek with my friends (who were mainly boys) and catching bull frogs and tad poles.... playing in the "gunky" end of the lake, putting worms on hooks and catching "Sunnies" only to pull them off the hook and throw them back in... I was the little girl always running around barefoot with feet blacker than a sky with no stars at night!

We had these huge dirt hills at the edge of the woods that we would play on... we pretended all kinds of things on these hills... we were in a war in the desert, on a pirate ship in the sea, in a castle fighting off ogres.. in the winter time when it snowed those dirt hills were our mountains that we went sliding down,hitting bump after bump and knocking the wind out of our chests... I loved those dirt hills.

Behind the dirt hills we had a little trail that went into the clearing... some of the boys made a fort in the big tree in the center and we would go around getting furniture and odds-n-ends from peoples trash to make it our couldn't tell us nothing, our little fort/tree house was the best thing ever! As the trail continued it went off deeper into the woods... at one point there was this abandoned yellow car off to the right... it was a big deal to go near it, it meant you weren't afraid.. of course we had a few stories of how that car ended up back there, most involved murder and bad things happening to girls who didn't listen to their parents.. continuing on the trail it got narrow and led to this lake with another set of woods.. rarely would you see us in the woods at night... stories of little creatures with red beady eyes floated around and none of us were quite brave enough to find out if the stories were true... lol

When you couldn't find me in the woods or on the hills or in the lake or at the creek, you could find me in the fields with the boys playing tag football... as we got older it turned into tackle... I was always bruised up and bleeding somewhere! lol.. fun times...

All that really stopped with me once I turned 13 and became boring.. that was when I started noticing boys in a different manner... than came the cute clothes and lip gloss... making sure my hair looked pretty... no more dirt hills or football...

Sometimes I sit around and remember back to those times and think of the friends I had and all the memories we made.. I wish I had stayed a tomboy a bit longer... man do I miss catching "sunnies"...

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